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BRAINS has moved, as of July 22nd, 2013 we are now located at:


3292 N Evergreen Dr. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525



This facility was designed specifically to treat our clients with the multidisciplinary approach that has benefited so many. Tucked away from East Beltline just past the 3 mile road intersection, with 11,400 square feet of space, the facility is ADA compliant and includes the following:



- 23 clinical offices - 4 support stations with privacy glass
- 4 testing rooms - 2 waiting rooms
- 2 observation rooms - 2 additional waiting areas
- 2 low stimulation rooms - 5 restrooms
- 1 gym - Secure facility access
- State of the art technology systems    - Tranquil nature and lake view


Additionally, the facility has a very particular focus on sensory integration disorders and accommodating our clients that are affected. Our low stimulation environments integrate lighting control, the use of LED lighting, contrast for defined edges, multi-sized spaces including small and medium sized rooms, and outside simulation control, all contributing to an ideal environment for our clients.




If you are interested in reading the article about our new building explaining the particulars of our move click here.



Dr. Wolff takes the Plunge


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Dr. Wolff raised $340.00 for donation to the Special Olympics, click here to see him take the plunge.






Dr. Wolff on Emotional Eating Addiction




GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - If you knew you were at a higher risk for a heart attach, would you change your lifestyle so you could live longer?


It seems like the answer would be "yes" but for many it is not.


Anyone who has been told by their doctor they need to lose weight or stop smoking in order to lower their risk of heart attack knows how hard it is. That's because what you really need to change is your brain. Deep inside your brain is where your cravings are coming from.


Dr. Michael Wolff is a neuropschologist with Grand Rapids based BRAINS. He says when you emotionally eat or smoke you are making psychical chanages to your brain. "Once we start to get addicted, and once we start craving, our brain stops making good decisions and instead it is willing to sacrifice going to jail, risk your life driving, to risk your life with a coronary disease because you are obese, but you still can not necissarily get control of that craving or need for the food."



Your Brain on ArtPrize 




Grand Rapids, Mich. (WZZM) - Looking at art and appreciating its beauty and creativity is one of the most fundamental functions our brains were designed to do.


In fact, for nearly 40,000 years humans have had a desire to express themselves through art and it is that same part of the brain that created these cave paintings that we use today to create and appreciate art.


"As art comes up through the brain it comes up as a stimulus through these nerves that we have, its going to connect to our memory systems which is going to connect to our hippocampus then eventually once we get through all these layers in the brain itself and understood" Dr. Michael Wolff is a neuropsychologist with the Grand Rapids based BRAINS.


He says he's not surprised by the entries that made it into the ArtPrize Top Ten, "Some of them involved movement like the ones with the butterflies and the hanging and they light up and there is sound and movement to it and it illuminates many of the senses. There's definitely a connection to most of those pieces they either have a direct color, a touch, a sense of light to them."


For the full story click here.



Dr. Manor Receives the Lipinski Award - Congratulations!



Local Neuropsychologist, Dr. Rochelle Manor was awarded the Lipinski Professional Award 5-21-2012 by the Autism Society of Michigan for her diligence in working with individuals and families with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Her application was supported by international speaker and accomplished author, Liane Holliday Willey of Rockford, and Neuropsychologist Dr. Michael Wolff of Behavioral Resources and Institute for Neuropsychological Services (BRAINS) in Grand Rapids. This achievement recognizes her unyielding effort to support West Michigan families with neurodevelopmental disorders.


Barbara Lipinski was a student pursuing a career in education at the University of Mchigan who developed a great interest in autism. She spent an enourmous amount of her time volunteering to work with students with autism spectrum disorders. She believed individuals with autism were entitled to the same quality of like everyone experiences and she wanted to be a part of that.



The Autism Society of Michigan



BRAINS was pleased to be part of such an inspiring event yesterday where hundreds of people had an opportunity to hear Temple Grandin speak about her life experiences and how these experiences have transformed our understanding of Autism and Asperger's. For more information on Autism and the Autism Society of Michigan click here.




Reeds Lake Polar Plunge!

Dr. Michael Wolff, Co-owner of BRAINS took the plunge to help raise funds for the Special Olympics!

We were able to raise $215.00; thanks for all the support!


Dr. Michael Wolff interviewed on WZZM 13, the segment is on how much sleep kids need at night.



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