Classes and Therapeutic Groups

BRAINS offers therapeutic groups and miscellaneous classes designed specifically for infants, children, adolescents, and adults. Throughout the year clinicians provide specialized groups and classes to fit the needs of our community. In the past classes have focused on social and play skills including appropriate greetings, engagement during a conversation, conversational skills, appropriate body language, understanding non-verbal cues, identifying feelings and emotions, healthy boundaries, and bullying/conflict with peers. Topics are chosen to address social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties that can appear throughout the lifespan. Classes and groups come in all shapes and sizes and change season to season. Please stay tuned for updates in these and other happenings on Facebook.

BRAINS is maximizing the potential of families through understanding the complex relationship between the brain, body, and real life. Please contact us if you have feedback or would like speak with a support staff about signing up, scheduling, or if you feel there is a group topic that would fill a high demand need in our community.