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2019 FREE Challenge of Children Conference Announces Keynote Speaker!

March 14, 2019

On Thursday, May 16th, 2019 Hope College will host the 37th Annual Challenge of Children Conference. This year’s conference seeks to help parents and professionals overcome challenges associated with trauma, ADHD, Autism, pornography, anxiety, and more.

The Challenge of Children Coalition announced the 2019 Challenge of Children Conference keynote speaker earlier this week. Dr. Stephanie Grant PhD, LPC, IMH-E® is a proud biological, adoptive, and foster mother of three (+) and Director of the REACH Parent-Child Program & Trauma Informed Communities at Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health (DE). Dr. Grant promises to be an exemplary keynote speaker to inspire hundreds of professionals, parents, and caregivers at the 37th Annual Challenge of Children Conference. The keynote presentation will offer an overview of how childhood stress and trauma can change a child’s brain and body. She will examine how such changes result in differences in how the child reacts to stress, in how they respond to their environment, and in what they may need from their environment to be successful. She will also highlight why traditional caregiving strategies may be ineffective for such children.

The Challenge of Children Conference is a free annual conference for parents, professionals, and caregivers. Raising and caring for children is a demanding job. In 1981, a dedicated group of health and human service professionals recognized this challenge. They subsequently identified the need to offer parent education, support and a network where parents and caregivers could talk with one another about family life management. Today, the coalition extends into Allegan, Ottawa, and Kent Counties and the conference attracts over 500 attendees every year.

Registration for the 2019 Challenge of Children Conference will open at 8:00AM on Tuesday, March 26th. The conference will be held on Thursday, May 16th at Hope College. To learn more about the conference, visit