COVID-19 Information & Resources


Welcome to the BRAINS’ COVID-19 Landing Page where you will find all of the resources available from our clinic for clients during this challenging time and community and online resources that can provide additional support.


Life beyond COVID-19,

We have heard it a million times “These are uncertain and unprecedented times.” Yet, we continue to marvel at the resiliency and dedication of our country and community. We hope that this note finds you and your families in good health and good spirits.

While we are all finding ourselves adapting to the unimaginable, BRAINS staff had really risen to the challenge with adaptability and creativity to keep serving our community. Navigating through daily changes, we are finding new ways to take care of you and take care of our staff – all while maintaining physical distancing. Telehealth opportunities, on-line resources, crisis consultation, and encouraging coping strategies are available.

You – our clients- remain at the core of our mission and purpose. Without your loyalty and support, BRAINS would not have endured the past 14 years. We have survived the 2009 recession, adapted to changes in insurance/financial demands, maintained CARF accreditation, and continue to embrace every challenge to make us stronger and better able to serve, no matter the circumstances.

We will continue to monitor the situation and continue to adapt as needed. We are blessed to have an abundance of green space. Rest assured, when we are given clearance to return to in-person care, safety and the wellbeing of our staff and clients will remain paramount.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to respond to the COVID situation and continue to be here for you.

Eternally grateful for your support,



Michael Wolff Psy.D, ABPdN & Rochelle Manor, Ph.D

BRAINS Co-Owners



BRAINS Information and Resources

  1. 1. Unwavering Support, where you need us most. 
  2. 2. Patient Safety- Return to In-Person Care Procedures
  3. 3. BRAINS Response to Executive Order updated 5-08-20
  4. 4. Telehealth During COVID-19
  5. 5. Occupational Therapy Telehealth
  6. 6. Speech & Language Therapy Telehealth
  7. 7. Facebook Live Parent Support Group
  8. 8. Instagram (brains_potential) Daily activity posts and videos to keep children home, safe, active, and developing skills all week long.
  9. 9. The BRAINS Channel- YouTube
  10. 10. Parenting Strategies for Adolescents Staying at Home
  11. 11. Keeping Your Child Home, Safe, and Active with DIY At-Home Obstacle Course
  12. 12. Speech Bubble Episode 1: Articulation
  13. 13. Speech Bubble Episode 2: Speech
  14. 14. COVID-19 Coping for Teens
  15. 15. Speech Bubble Episode 3: Receptive Language
  16. 16. Speech Bubble Episode 4: Shared Book Reading
  17. 17. Speech Bubble Episode 5: The Silence Challenge
  18. 18. Speech Bubble Episode 6: Expressive and Receptive Language

Community Resources and Support

  1. 1. CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  2. 2. Coronavirus Disease 2019
  3. 3. AccessKENT– COVID-19 Kent County Data
  4. 4. ARC: Anxiety Resource Center, Coronavirus and Mental Health
  5. 5. Autism Society– Coronavirus: Response & Resources
  6. 6. Autism Alliance of Michigan MiNavigator
  7. 7. Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness– free online meditations
  8. 8. WMCAT Resource Guide During COVID-19
  9. 9.
  10. 10. COVIBOOK
  11. 11. NESCA– Managing Stress and Making the Most of COVID-19 School Closures
  12. 12. BrainPOP
  13. 13. NASP– National Association of School Psychologists
  14. 14. CDC– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  15. 15. WZZM 13– Meals for Students​
  16. 16. DTE, Consumers Energy restrict electrical shutoffs due to coronavirus
  17. 17. COVID-19 | YWCA West Central Michigan – YWCA is still open for clients
  18.  18. “Headspace”, a mindfulness app, is currently free for health care professionals.
  19. 19. The Best Kid Yoga Videos – Preschool Inspirations
  20. 20. Equipment Free Workouts — Xplore Nutrition
  21. 21. Coding For Kids: Free Classes, Websites, and Apps | Ages 8-18
  22. 22. Teaching Remotely for Grades K – 12 | Free Resources and Strategies
  23. 23. Alcoholics Anonymous Phone Meetings | AA Phone Meetings Every Day
  24. 24. The Child Mind Institute– Daily Video and social tile with a tip for supporting families through the coronavirus crisis.
  25. 25. Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook
  26. 26. Coronavirus Coloring Book
  27. 27. Tips for Families: Coronavirus
  28. 28. MIBridges: Food, Medicaid, State resources
  29. 29. Easterseals Michigan: School Closure Resource Kit
  30. 30. World Health Organization: Children’s storybook released to help children and young people cope with COVID-19
  31. 31. Free Access Books: For Kids, For Children +
  32. 32. Teens & COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities During the Outbreak
  33. 33.  Family Media Plan
  34. 34. Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Keep the Calm at Home
  35. 35. Navigating social media with teens
  36. 36. Self-Care for Parents
  37. 37. Substance Use Resources For Adolescents and Young Adults
  38. 38. Managing Stress and Anxiety
  39. 39. Coronavirus Lockdown: 26 Graphic Design Resources to Engage Kids
  40. 40. Parenting during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  41. 41. 10 Teaching Resources for Parents During COVID-19
  42. 42. National Council for Behavioral Health- Resources and Tools for Addressing Coronavirus
  43. 43. Mental Health First Aid, #BeTheDifference
  44. 44. 120 Digital Resources for Home-Schooling: Special Education, Social and Emotional Learning, and More
  45. 45. Bedtime Stress & COVID: 19 Wellness Tools For Kids
  46. 46. 2020 Mental Health Resource List
  47. 47. Teen Safety Resource Guide