EPIC. Emotional Processing to Improve Connection.

By participating in EPIC, your child will gain the skills and attitudes to increase their social and school success. Children in early adolescence have not fully developed their abilities to think about long-term consequences and to use logic and reason to solve problems and decisions. In addition, at this stage the influence of their peers is magnified. There is increasing evidence that social–emotional skills—in the form of understanding emotions of one’s self and others, the ability to regulate emotions, problem solve, and engage in prosocial behaviors—will provide a foundation for a lifetime of success. All of these areas will be covered during this four-week series. Your child will have the opportunity to engage with peers through fun role plays, hands on activities, and video modeling.

Topics will include:
· Empathy and Communication
· Bullying Prevention
· Emotion management and coping
· Problem solving, goal setting, and decision making

Tuesdays, May 8th – 29th
5:00PM – 6:30PM

Ages 12-16


$200 for entire class, due at registration.

Facilitated by Alisha Lauchie, LMSW

To register, call (616) 365-8920.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Please email outreach@brainspotential.com for registration and/or questions.

All groups, events, & classes are subject to change and/or cancellation dependent on attendance. Groups must meet the therapeutic & clinical requirements of both the participants & the facilitators. Families will be notified TWO WEEKS before the start of scheduled groups/classes to determine continuation or cancellation. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Cost of group is due in full regardless of session attendance. No discounts or refunds will be issued for missed sessions.