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What a Wonderful Year: Looking Back on 2018!

December 28, 2018

A year in review is always presented in numbers to instill confidence in who we are and the ability we have to provide support within our community. In just over 10-years, 20,000 individuals and families served. That is an amazing and humbling number for BRAINS. Or, over 2,500 new faces in 2018 have permitted us the opportunity to work with them. Yet at the core of who BRAINS wants to be, is a company of devoted professionals who work with you to try to optimize the potential that is there to find success no matter what life circumstances you are in when we have the opportunity to serve you. I wish I could boast of perfect outcomes, but you will not find that in the numbers. Rather, we recognize that many of you find your way to us, not because of the numbers, but because you have confidence that we can assist in one evaluation, therapy session, or service at a time to help facilitate change and to support your needs. We continue to appreciate your confidence, the opportunity to support, and look forward to progress toward maximizing potential.