BRAINS is open, providing unwavering care where you need us most. Telehealth and in-office appointments are available to new and established clients.

Patient Safety Updates and Reminders

October 29, 2020

Providing unwavering support and expert care is what we do and right now that includes prioritizing your physical safety so that you can maximize your mental and behavioral health. Our multidisciplinary team is accepting new patients for both telehealth and in-office appointments and our support team is standing by to connect you with professional help.

As we approach the winter season, we continue to find ourselves in a world of unpredictability. We sincerely thank you for your continued cooperation in adapting to current conditions and safety procedures for in-office care. Michigan weather gets severe in winter months and makes it difficult to attend in-person appointments due to road conditions. We wanted to remind you of your options when faced with unforeseen changes to your schedule.


  • 1. We hope that you prioritize your safety this winter. If you have an in-office appointment that you cannot attend in-person, you can still meet with your provider virtually. Call our office to modify your appointment to a telehealth appointment.

  • 2. Telehealth is available for most patients and is easily accessible from most devices. Please call our office if you are interested in modifying your in-office appointments.

  • 3. As the roads get slick and demand slower driving speeds, please remember that arrival of 15 or more minutes after a scheduled appointment may be considered a missed appointment. Arrival 30 or more minutes after a scheduled appointment will be assumed a no show and will result in a fee.

  • 4. It is understood that there are some emergency circumstances in which case you may not be charged a late cancellation or no-show fee. Please review our Guarantor’s Agreement for more information.


Patient Safety Updates and Reminders

  • –If you are healthy and wish to attend an in-person session at BRAINS, you will be required to complete a symptom screening and temperature check. If you do not have access to a thermometer, BRAINS may use a touchless thermometer when you arrive.

  • – The symptom checklist includes the following symptoms. If you have any of the symptoms below, please do not come into the office and opt-in for telehealth when appropriate by calling a support staff at 616-365-8920.

    •      – Fever
    •      – uncontrollable cough
    •      – shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    •      – loss of taste or smell
    •      – muscle aches
    •      – sore throat
    •      – severe headache
    •      – diarrhea
    •      – vomiting
    •      – abdominal pain
  • – Please reschedule your appointment (or request a telehealth appointment if applicable) if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or you have experienced symptoms in the past 14 days

  • – Established therapy clients will continue to remain in their vehicles and text the office staff to “remotely check-in”. Please note that remote check-in is not available for new patients or testing clients.

    •      – UPDATE: Beginning Monday, November 2nd, remote check-in will be changed. You will still receive a text message from our office on the day of your appointment, please reply to that message as prompted to do so in the instructions. Your provider will text you when they are ready for you to enter the building. 
  • – Extra cleaning throughout all facilities will continue, adhering to rigorous quality and safety practices as well as infection prevention guidelines.

  • – Face masks are required by all staff, clients, and guests in the building at all times.

  • – BRAINS continues to minimize the number of employees, clients, and visitors allowed in the building to promote social distancing.

  • – Social distancing is enforced throughout our buildings with signage, remote check-in, waiting room furniture set-up, and green space usage.

Please call 616-365-8920 for support with scheduling new or modifying upcoming appointments. The InSync Patient Portal allows you to connect directly with your clinician. To learn more about BRAINS and our response to COVID-19, please visit