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Forensic Assessment

Forensic Assessment

A forensic assessment is comprehensive testing from a neuropsychological and/or psychological perspective to best understand complexities of the brain-behavior correlation. Clinicians performing forensic assessments have years of experience and work closely with everyone involved in the client’s care throughout the process. Common reasons for forensic assessments include;


-Criminal Responsibility
-Social Security Income (SSI)
-Disability Eligibility
-Parenting/Custody/Fit to Parent
-Fire and Threat Risk Assessments
-Forensic Psychological/Neuropsychological Evaluations/Consults to Guide Treatment


Health insurance companies may or may not cover the cost of forensic assessment in certain situations. Contracts may be developed between BRAINS and the party requesting services including but not limited to social service agencies, residential homes, court systems, and/or attorneys and others providing legal representation for the client/family. Our psychologists and neuropsychologists are able to complete any of the evaluations above and can tailor the testing to each individual based on information learned during the contracting phase and/or initial appointment.

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