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BRAINS offers research and evidence-based interventions for individuals of all ages and abilities. Neurofeedback is a well-researched method of improving attention, teaching self-regulation, and is a valuable tool to be used as part of an integrated therapeutic approach. Advances in biofeedback technology have led to innovations that make Neurofeedback more easily accessible to clients.


BRAINS is excited to provide an innovative, user-friendly neurofeedback technique. Neurofeedback has long been a therapeutic intervention to treat behavioral disorders, attention deficit disorders, and even seizure conditions and brain injury. Advances in biofeedback technology have led to innovations that make this treatment more easily accessible to clients at a younger age. Neurofeedback is appropriate for children as young as 5 years old.


Clinicians at BRAINS can utilize neurofeedback in weekly outpatient therapy sessions in addition to traditional forms of therapy to provide clients with a comprehensive and research-based treatment plan.


You can trust that at BRAINS you and your child will always be in the care of a licensed clinician. You can also trust that you and your child are getting individualized, person-centered care. Your treatment is customized, based on a personal formal assessment that is required for each client. Our mission at BRAINS is to help individuals reach their highest potential, so our focus is on functional skills in daily life.

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