BRAINS is open, providing unwavering care where you need us most. Telehealth and in-office appointments are available to new and established clients.


BRAINS Speech & Language department is leveraging telehealth to continue maximizing the potential of families through understanding the complex relationship between the brain, body, and real-life.  Today, real-life means managing and coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic, our therapists are offering unwavering support with telehealth sessions to ensure that your child has speech/language support and skills needed to succeed now and into the future. Telehealth can provide value for your family and your child during this difficult time by eliminating the lapse in care for a speech/language deficit that may now exist from the shut down of school providers or other care providers in your child’s life, providing a safe opportunity to help your child expand and maintain speech/language skills needed for success, and reducing overall stress on the family system that results from significant life changes and transitions.


Cost: Speech and language telehealth is billable to select insurances. If you’d like to learn more about your coverage for Speech and Language Therapy, please call us to schedule a free 15-minute consultation at 616-365-8920.


What will teletherapy look like? (session activities will vary depending on your child’s unique needs and goals)

  • + 10-15 minutes: Shared book reading and reflection. book reading (little ones) or sharing about the day/general conversation with emphasis on target areas (language skills, reflect on the week, share what they’ve worked on since last session) for older clients
  • + 20-minutes: Targeted Skill Activity. Skill-building activities will be tailored to your child’s specific needs and goals and could include following directions, Simon says, Speech Sound Scavenger Hunt, and articulation practice.
    • + We’ll give you the tools to expand language within your child’s natural environment, work on following directions and appropriate interactions, etc. with parent training.
  • + 15-minutes: Shared Task. We’re going to work as a team to complete a task, play a game, or make a picture.


Speech/Language Teletherapy is available for new patients and established clients of BRAINS.

Please call us at 616-365-8920 to schedule. 

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    BRAINS Speech & Language department is leveraging telehealth…