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Speech Bubble Episode 5: The Silence Challenge with Kaitlin Busch, MA, CCC-SLP

May 8, 2020

Follow The BRAINS Channel on YouTube to see future episodes of Speech Bubble! Episode 5 includes The Silence Challenge and is the second episode of Better Hearing and Speech Month 2020. The Silence Challenge is designed to help individuals recognize the importance of speech and language, build an appreciation for your ability to hear, and learn other ways to communicate without verbal speech. We’ll be sharing more about the value of speech and language and the profession in recognition of BHSM in every Speech Bubble during the month of May!

Kaitlin Busch, MA, CCC-SLP, BRAINS’ Speech & Language Pathologist, developed the Speech Bubble to provide short video tutorials of ways parents can enrich their children’s speech and language development at home during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Parents will get suggestions for simple things to try at home to encourage and build upon skills necessary for language, speech, and literacy development.

About the Author: Kaitlin Busch, MA-CCC-SLP, has been working with children and young adults to improve their communication skills and excels in complex diagnostic and treatment cases, working with other disciplines to better understand each underlying communication challenge. Kaitlin’s draw to interdisciplinary cooperation stems from being part of a family of service providers, including Social Workers, an Occupational Therapist Assistant, and a Music Therapist. Kaitlin finds joy in learning what makes each of her patients special, finding creative ways to incorporate personalized preferences and priorities into the therapeutic process.

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