Leo Lease, MA, LPC

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Leo is a fully licensed professional counselor and in-process registered art therapist. They earned their Bachelors in Psychology and Art Therapy from Capital University and their Masters in Counseling and Art Therapy from Adler University. Leo has worked largely with children and adolescents who have come from backgrounds of complex trauma and attachment disruptions as well as specializing in working with trans and gender non conforming folks of all ages who are needing help while navigating identity growth. Leo is a recent transplant to the Grand Rapids area as they have lived and offered counseling services across the city of Chicago for the past five years and before that worked in residential services and with youth and care facilities in Columbus, Ohio.

Leo believes in the power of meeting clients where they are at and offering a strengths-based approach to therapy. Having education in art therapy and certifications in other expressive therapy approaches, they love to gain insight into alternative coping methods that clients relate to and find ways to bring those methods into sessions. Leo’s main hobbies are playing a variety of different sports, such as lacrosse and basketball, playing guitar, writing lyrics and poetry and getting to go outside to explore. They are looking forward to helping clients who may not connect as much with “talk therapy” and get to offer and explore alternative ways of connecting and expressing themselves through other modalities.


BA in Psychology and Art Therapy – Capital University – 2015 MA in Counseling and Art Therapy – Adler University – 2017

Areas of Interest

Anger and Aggression
Behavioral Issues
LGBTQ+ population
Sex Trafficking
Complex Trauma
Personality Disorders