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Welcome to BRAINS


Helping You Maximize Your Brain's Potential

BRAINS is a therapy and psychological testing center located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We recognize that how well we pay attention, learn, remember, feel, and relate to others are all based in brain functioning. Yet, there are numerous factors that can limit how we “show what we know.” Our team includes experts in physical and mental health who can help you learn to maximize your brain's potential.


Our counselors help navigate and teach the day-to-day skills for parents, children, teens, and adults.

Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing

Our psychologists provide comprehensive testing to better understand the brain’s unique strengths and weaknesses, while providing a customized roadmap to better functioning and learning.

Physical Health

BRAINS team of occupational and physical therapists help the body and brain communication system which helps our brains more effectively use our bodies.