Testing & Assessments

BRAINS assessment clinic provides a wide variety of evaluative services to understand functional abilities and diagnoses, and to advance recommendations. Neuropsychological assessments evaluate complex medical, genetic, and other conditions that can influence neurocognitive abilities (i.e. epilepsy, TBI/Concussion, FASD, cancer, cognitive decline, and more). We also specialize in ASD, ADHD, trauma, and learning disabilities assessments, and differentiating mood disorders like anxiety, depression, or factors that can influence a person’s daily functioning.

Assessments typically begin with a consultation with the psychologist to determine if testing is appropriate or to provide other treatment recommendations. Please contact us with additional questions about testing, see our FAQs, or schedule a consultation with a psychologist.

We provide assessments to help understand specific behaviors
A forensic assessment is comprehensive testing from a neuropsychological and/or psychological perspective to best understand the complexities of brain-behavior correlation, which is to say, how the brain might influence human behavior.

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