Counseling provides an opportunity to help people/families find the strength and knowledge to overcome many of life’s obstacles. BRAINS therapists each specialize in a unique area of interest, training, and expertise. BRAINS serves clients from birth through adulthood, including individual, child and adolescent, family, couples, and group therapy. Our therapists also have unique expertise in working with brain-based and neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as managing behavioral and emotional difficulties from a developmental perspective.

BRAINS counselors can also focus on building the coping skills needed to face life’s challenges. Teaching clients of all ages to learn to manage stress, emotional pressures, and other life demands with confidence, our counselors focus on maximizing your potential and experiences of success.

We enjoy helping our clients overcome obstacles in life
BRAINS offers therapeutic services designed specifically for children, adolescents, and young adults. We recognize the unique needs and abilities of younger clients who can have difficulty putting their thoughts and feelings into words and require therapists who understand how to effectively help them meet their emotional and developmental needs.

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