Occupational Therapy

Specializing in work across the lifespan, our occupational therapy team helps families to understand how the client’s brain and body work together. When difficulties occur in this brain-body communication, behavioral or emotional challenges can result.

The therapist works with the child/teen/adult to improve this relationship between mind and body in order to improve coordination, calm emotions, or improve other symptoms. Younger clients will engage in play-based therapy techniques to improve function and that can be implemented at home. The therapist also works with the family to learn how to cope with challenges and implement strategies at home and school. Some of the therapies used include sensory integration therapy, feeding therapy, play therapy, rehabilitation, and Integrated Listening Systems (ILS).

To encourage older children and teens to engage in the therapeutic process, they will work with their therapist on their specific goals through activities that are grounded in their personal interests.

Whatever the age, our team will help you decide what therapy might be the best fit.

We help clients understand how their mind and body work together

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