BRAINS is open, providing unwavering care where you need us most. Telehealth and in-office appointments are available to new and established clients.


BRAINS strives to provide the personalized care of a private practice while offering a variety of services typically found at much larger facilities. We are continually evaluating the most current research and client feedback to provide the highest level of care possible.

Services Main Summary

BRAINS offers a variety of services to help clients understand how the brain and the body function in real life. Our team of neuropsychologists works with children through adults to assess and diagnosis mental health issues, concussion or brain injury, and many other concerns. BRAINS also provides specialists in counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and other services to meet the needs of our clients.

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA is the science of changing socially significant behavior. ABA therapy focuses on decreasing problem behaviors and identifying functional replacement skills that help a child to be more successful in their environment.   The effectiveness of ABA therapy in producing long-lasting behavior change with individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders has been well-documented in thousands of published research studies over the last several decades. Research has shown that almost half of children who receive early, intensive behavioral intervention before age 3 years will be virtually indistinguishable from their same-age peers […]

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    BRAINS psychologists provide thorough psychological evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, and educational and learning disability evaluations. Psychologists provide specific and realistic recommendations to help clients understand and use the information to create positive change.

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    Speech and Language Therapy

    Speech and Language Therapy helps children through adults with communication, language, and speech difficulties to communicate to the best of their ability and as effectively as possible.

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    BRAINS provides counseling services specialized for children, teens, and adults. Our counselors provide services for individuals, families, couples, and groups.

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    Occupational Therapy

    BRAINS occupational therapists use a variety of therapies to address many common difficulties in child development. Such difficulties can include poor motor coordination, inattention, hyperactivity, academic problems, pain, and many others.

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    Additional Services

    BRAINS offers a variety of specialized services as part of our comprehensive treatment approach. Assessment and therapy services are available to better help in understanding and managing the unique needs of our clients.

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    Groups and Classes

      CURRENT OFFERINGS   GROUP FORMS Participation Waiver       BRAINS is maximizing the potential of families through understanding the complex relationship between the brain, body, and real life. Please contact us if you have feedback or would like to speak with a support staff about registering for a group or class.   BRAINS offers therapeutic groups and miscellaneous classes designed specifically for infants, children, adolescents, and adults. Throughout the year clinicians provide specialized groups and classes to fit the needs of our community. Topics are chosen to address the social, […]

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