‘Anyone can suffer from PTSD’: BRAINS Therapist, Branden Lyon, speaks out about how trauma affects survivors

Anyone can suffer from ptsd video graphic

BRAINS Therapist, Branden Lyon, responded to how trauma can affect survivors in an interview for Fox 17 on Tuesday, March 26th.  Candese Charles, a reporter for Fox 17, explained that post-traumatic stress disorder is often linked to soldiers or people who have been through war, but survivor’s guilt and trauma can impact just about anyone.

In the month of March, three individuals took their own lives by suicide and each of them were closely connected to victims, survivors, or were survivors themselves of school shootings.

Branden Lyon said, “There were many similarities, from what I’ve read about the reactions from the survivors of the Parkland shooting for example and veterans that I’ve worked with from combat situations”. Charles said that tragedies from school massacres eventually fade from headlines, but for the survivors, the pain is not as quick to disappear. Read more of this article on Fox 17…