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Over the past few years, Concussions have received a tremendous amount of attention and funding. The consensus from nearly all professional organizations is that any athlete or team should have a concussion management program. Most coaches are now required to take the Center for Disease Control Heads Up Concussions training. Yet, this is not a concussion management program.

A concussion program starts before the season starts. Education and training to the athletes and their parents. There is baseline testing in the event that a potential concussive event happens. There is following up with the athlete and the family following an event and decisions are make relating to Return To Play. Many physicians rely on neuropsychologists and rehabilitation clinics to assist in these evaluations to make the recommendations around rehabilitation and return to play. As summer physicals are completed or seasons are starting, please make establishing a concussion baseline and starting a concussion management program for you or your athlete. BRAINS is able to work with teams or individuals.

Pre-Concussion Screenings are incredibly cost effective and can help to inform concussion rehabilitation and recovery thereafter. BRAINS has the professionals who can help preseason and therapy after with multi-disciplinary care, working with your physician and/or neurology to manage these events. Please call to schedule the pre-concussion evaluation today. If your team, school, group or organization is in need of support, BRAINS can work with your group.