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Identifying the Need for Speech & Language Therapy

May 9, 2019

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) posted the following opinions of over 1,000 Audiologists and Speech-language pathologists;

  • -The #1 leading barrier to early identification of communication disorders, according to these professionals, is a lack of awareness about the warning signs.

  • -56% of parents are not aware that by addressing the symptoms of communication disorders early, treatment is often less expensive and takes less time.

  • -32% say that, on average, the symptoms of hearing loss are going undetected in children 1 year or longer.

  • -70% say they don’t think parents of young children fully appreciate how vital everyday communication-talking, reading, singing-is to their child’s development.

  • -69% say parents of young children are not aware of the early warning signs of speech/language disorders.

Luckily, at BRAINS, our speech-language therapists enjoy working closely both clients and their families to improve communication skills. Kelly Rimbey, MS CCC-SLP has found that family involvement in therapy is an essential tool to progress and success. For more information about communication disorders, visit

Stay tuned for more information about Speech & Language therapy during the month of May as we celebrate Communication For All during Better Hearing & Speech Month.