Navigating Life as we Know It: Exploring Autism Podcast Series

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Navigating live as we Know it was started by Special Needs Parent and Activist Steven Johnson, former President and Co-Founder of the Oasis Community of West Michigan. Their goal is to create an informative and entertaining program to connect people across the nation and the world and to help people overcome the obstacles that come between their loved ones and a truly self-determined life. Navigating Live as we Know It seeks to build an educational and entertaining way to help the people around those with Special Needs better find the way to live their best, most self-determined life possible, and how to manage the challenges of the systems.

BRAINS was grateful to engage in NLAWKI’s Exploring Autism podcast series based on our Putting the Pieces Together Parenting Workshop events. Check out these episodes on your favorite podcast platform or click the links below to access them.

  1. Exploring Autism Pt 1 – Diagnosis and the Mind-Body Connection
  2. Exploring Autism Pt II – What\’s Going On Between Ages 0 and 10?