BRAINS is open, providing unwavering care where you need us most. Telehealth and in-office appointments are available to new and established clients.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy helps children through adults with communication, language, and speech difficulties to communicate to the best of their ability and as effectively as possible.

Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy helps people with developmental speech and language delays, autism, genetic disorders, social language disorders, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, and other medically related diagnosis. Speech and language therapy is an enjoyable experience for children and enhances their independence and confidence. When attending speech therapy, a child will engage primarily with games and toys addressing their communication needs to make the most enjoyable experience. Parents will be provided strategies to continue growth at home. Adult treatment focuses on the functional communication needs of the adults and developing strategies to better communication in daily life. Sessions are one on one and are specifically individualized to the client’s needs.

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