Amy W.

A little over two years ago our daughter, Sarah, started counseling with Chris Roberts at BRAINS. She was struggling with anxiety and depression. When I called to make an appointment for her the front office staff took some information from me about her and what what going on, and they told me they thought Chris would be a good fit for Sarah. They were 100% right! Chris has been a huge help, and influence in her life. She has grown so much in the years she’s worked with Chris. The transformation in her was amazing! So when our youngest daughter started to struggle with some of the same issues, Chris, although he had a full patient load, took her on as well. He has also helped her a lot in the short few months she’s been seeing him. He holds a special place in our hearts! He is amazing at his job and you can really tell he loves it. We are so thankful for Chris and BRAINS!