Summer Intensive Occupational Therapy

March 19, 2018

BRAINS occupational therapists use a variety of therapies to address many common difficulties in child development. Such difficulties can include poor motor coordination, inattention, hyperactivity, academic problems, pain, and many others. The scope of services and expertise available at BRAINS does not live soley in the pediatric realm; professionals treat these and other rehabilitative goals in adolescents and adults too. Attending weekly appointments is tough to fit into any schedule, and maybe summer is the perfect time to focus on reaching you or your child’s potential by engaging in Summer Intensive Occupational Therapy.

Summer is a great time for intensive therapy to target specific skills! Our research-based and one-on-one treatment approach can help to address foundational skills your child may need help with. Summer therapy would involve multiple visits a week, and would span over 1-6 weeks.

You and your occupational therapist will identify an area of need, and a customized treatment approach will be created to get your child closer to achieving that goal!

Some ideas for targeted skills may include: body awareness and self-care, bilateral coordination and bike riding, bimanual coordination and shoe tying, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, independence in daily routines (and more).

Summer intensives are scheduled between June 8th and August 27th.

Insurance coverage may apply. For more information on rates and coverage, call BRAINS at 616. 365.8920.