Rochelle Manor, PhD



Growing up in a family of educators, physicians, and nurses, I learned a lot about the brain-body connection and how fragile humans are. With three generations of disabilities, our family legacy includes helping everyone – of all abilities – to learn and be as healthy as possible.

While I started on the path of being a special education teacher, the field of neuropsychology won my heart. Helping people understand their loved ones, identifying the most accurate diagnosis, and offering strategies to make it better is my mission.

After earning my Ph.D., I moved to Grand Rapids and have now been serving in this community for over 25 years. Co-Founding BRAINS in 2007 has been another great adventure that I didn’t anticipate, but has blessed my life. Balancing clinical work and growth of the company and our employees brings new challenges daily.

I now try to model for my daughter the same lessons I learned in my family – cherishing everyone of all abilities, making a positive mark on the world with compassion and expertise, and being open to whatever adventure God brings.


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  • BA, dual major English and Psychology — Taylor University
  • MA Counseling Psychology — Ball State University
  • PhD Counseling Psychology — Ball State University
  • APA approved Internship — The Ohio State University

Areas of Interest

  • Clinical: Diagnostic assessment especially of learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders
  • Educational: Mentoring and supervision
  • Business: Social entrepreneurship
  • Personal: interior design and spiritual development