Occupational Therapy Month 2018

April 9, 2018

Specializing in work with children, our occupational therapy team helps families to understand how the child’s brain and body work together. When difficulties occur in this brain-body communication, behavioral or emotional challenges can result. The therapist works with the child to improve this relationship between mind and body in order to improve coordination, calm emotions, or improve other symptoms. The therapist also works with the family to learn how to cope with challenges and use strategies at home and school. Some of the therapies used include sensory integration therapy, feeding therapy, play therapy, rehabilitation, and Integrated Listening Systems (ILS). Our team will help you decide what therapy might be the best fit for your child.

Join us in celebrating Occupational Therapy Month! BRAINS will be raising awareness for the profession all month long. Follow us at brainspotential.com and facebook.com/brainspotential for articles and resources on areas of occupational therapy and reasons why it’s the right treatment for you! Get to know the clinicians in BRAINS Occupational Therapy Department and their unique areas of interests and expertise.

Continue reading for more information on ways that occupational therapy can help you and your child live life to its fullest.

The occupational therapy department at BRAINS offers groups year round to meet specific needs. Topics are chosen to address social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties that can appear throughout the lifespan. Classes and groups come in all shapes and sizes and change season to season. Below is a current list of OT happenings currently being offered.


Introduction to Sports Series

with Geoff Stevens, LMSW and Aubrie Hurt, MS, OTR/L
Introduction to Sports Series is a three-part group designed to introduce children to sports. The series will focus on building social skills. There are many social skills needed to play sports and be successful on a team. Sports require teamwork, participation, communication, and sportsmanship. Physical skill building will also be incorporated into the three-part series with an emphasis on exercise, coordination, and motor planning. Introduction to Sports is open to all 8-12-year-old children. Read More…

Summer Intensives

Summer is a great time for intensive therapy to target specific skills! Our research-based and one-on-one treatment approach can help to address foundational skills your child may need help with. Summer therapy would involve multiple visits a week, and would span over 1-6 weeks.

You and your occupational therapist will identify an area of need, and a customized treatment approach will be created to get your child closer to achieving that goal! Read More…